So, great news! The transition to the new platform was pretty easy, I am happy with it.
    This new site platform will give us the opertunity to grow into so much more than just a

    one game private server.  We'll use this new platform to expand and continue our growth! 

    I will have more updates on what all of this means later, but for now, you can disregard this site.
    If you're here for Imperium Online, our private server, please
    click here as our original
    site layout and design will still be used for game registration, and IM store.

    I really look forward to developing this and showing you guys all of the amazing things I have in store
    for the growth of Imperium Games.  This journey is just now beginning and its exciting!!  
    excited sailor moon GIF



  • Patch 3.27 Hotfix

    Hey everyone! Our most recent patch was a hotfix for the following:
    Non instance map for Hellsgait has been fixed. Templar Blade production now calls for the correct weapon to be used. Item Mall Potions are now tradeable, storable. Thank you everyone!